Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brighter.com Receives Additional Venture Captial Funding

When I first learned about Brighter.com, I was extremely negative as to how this steeply discounted service would benefit private practice dentists.

I continue to feel such.

But, the company has received more venture capital and will continue.
Brighter.com has secured $8 million in a series B funding led by Benchmark Capital. Series A investor Mayfield Fund also participated in the round.

Brighter.com, launched in May 2011, allows users without dental insurance to make informed decisions about their dental care by offering price transparency and discounts up to 60% on their dental procedures.

The additional capital from Benchmark and Mayfield Fund will fund a number of key business growth initiatives, including consumer marketing and the continued development of Brighter's network of dentists, according to the company.
I, also, do not see a path where the Brighter.com website generates any income for the company. They will have spent over $10 million and they have a website that uses Yelp to seed their reviews of the dentists.

Most private practice dentists are learning about social online media and when they develop their own marketing strategies, they will not need either to steeply discount their services or use a third party website, like Brighter.com.

Good luck to them but I wonder why dentists would agree to fees that are below their overhead costs for social media?

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