Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Controversy on Bakersfield Dentist Dr. Dove Continues With HIPPA Violation Claims

From the frying pain and into the fire of social media driven controversy, Dr. Dove in Bakerfield, California goes.

 The Bakersfield dentist accused of giving inadequate care to small children faces new allegations and more personal criticism. The firestorm against Dr. Edward Dove started with social networking, and now Eyewitness News has learned he's defending himself with some technology of his own.

Dove is also facing down complaints that he violated patient privacy.

Chris Cook started the Facebook page slamming the care his 5-year-old son got. The father said the child was not adequately sedated when a tooth was pulled earlier this month.

Dove has responded that the child was properly sedated, and stated the boy needed a lot of dental work. That's what the dentist told Eyewitness News that last Thursday. Now on the Facebook page, an entry from Adam Dove says the child had a number of cavities.

The father believes that information is part of his son's medical records, which should not be made public.

"That's open knowledge," Dove responded. And he added he did not post any comments on the Facebook page, but admitted his children have been affected by the criticism, and they have made comments. "My kids, they're just hurt by it."

The father, Chris Cook, is also infuriated that Dove has reported the little boy needed the tooth pulled and a lot of other dental work because he had "poor oral hygiene." The dad thinks that information that should not be public, and he also told Eyewitness News there are reasons for his child's dental condition.

Cook said the child was born premature, and circumstances associated with that can lead to dental problems. Cook gave Eyewitness News permission to make that public, and ask Dove about that.

The dentist said that is not a reason for the little boy's dental conditions. "If you have proper oral hygiene, a cavity here, a cavity there," would be expected, Dove said. "Not massive decay like he had."

And the dentist said reporting the number of cavities was also not a violation of privacy laws.

"No, I'm not saying exactly what I did to him," Dove said.
Now, HIPPA violations?

This entire FLAP needs to be handled by the California Dental Board and Dr. Dove needs to go on vacation for a few weeks.

Let the father protest, stomp his feet and find a lawyer who will take his case. I doubt there will be much of one.

As for allowing patients in the treatment room, I would not change my policy. The idea of installing cameras is really unnecessary.

My office policy when I was in private practice was to always allow parents into the treatment room, if they desired. However, if the child acted out, I would not treat them.

But, Dr. Dove runs a pediatric specialty practice and has to treat far more difficult behavior cases as well as dental pathology than a general practice dentist like myself.


Social Media Drills Bakersfield Pediatric Dentist Dr. Dove

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