Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Patient Claims Dentist Burned Her while Watching Soap Opera on Treatment Room Television

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This claim seems a little sketchy to me.

A woman is suing a north suburban dentist who she claims burned a hole in her lip while watching a soap opera during a 2009 procedure.

But the dentist, Maria M. Loukas, called the claims “totally false” and said the woman is “looking for money.”

Denise Hermann claims she went to Loukas General Dentistry at 714 Higgins Rd. in Park Ridge on July 30, 2009 for a dental procedure, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court. During the procedure, Loukas and at least one dental assistant watched a soap opera on a TV playing in the room and a dental instrument burned a hole in Hermann’s lip, the suit claims.

However, Loukas said the patient developed a blister during the procedure, which she said happens often, and the claims that an instrument burned a hole in her lip are “totally false.”

Loukas said there is a television in the room for the patients, but said she does not watch TV while working and the blister was not the result of neglect. She claims the patient is looking for money, and noted the patient continued to come for dental work for about two years after the alleged incident.

“If you went to a dentist, and they did something wrong, would you continue to go for two more years to do the rest of the treatment?” Loukas asked.

I think there will be a statute of limitations issue in this case anyway.

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