Friday, August 19, 2011

There is an APP for Your Dental Lab Prescription Dentists: Dental Rx

It is in the iTunes store now.
Building on its journey to become a leader in developing mobile dental applications, Styledent Technologies, in partnership with Bold Technologies, today announced the introduction of Dental Rx, the first crown and bridge dental lab prescription on iTunes App Store.

The development of Dental Rx represents an important realization for Styledent Technologies and a major innovation in the mobile dental application sector, since the company succeeded in finding a way of combining a more and more predominant use of mobile technology in the dental office with the dentist’s daily challenges by creating a simple and easy to use universal mobile dental lab prescription.

Dental Rx allows the practitioner to send by email to the laboratory of its choice his prescription and photos for a patient’s case in just one step. More and more dentists are taking pictures of their patients face and smile in the office, given that these photos are necessary for the success of their lab cases, especially when aesthetics are considered. The occlusal plane, the midline, dentin colour, final shade and any other information is often forgotten in the prescription, or pictures are not sent immediately which can delay or compromise the success of lab cases. Dental Rx assures dentists and labs that all the necessary information for their cases will be transmitted with the auto-fill form that also acts as a reminder.

Dentists and technicians from all around the world are looking for tools that will allow them to better communicate and maximize the final results of their aesthetic cases. Styledent Technologies is committed to satisfy them with this world class innovation.
This APP or application looks like it can have broad applicability for the dental office. But, there is a need for the APP to be made available for the other major mobile smartphone operating system - android.

The website for Dental Rx is here.

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