Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Video: Detroit Dentist Tackles Teen to Protect Her Office Air Conditioning Unit

One has to wonder why any dentist would continue to practice in this neighborhood?

Ama Appiah is a city business owner under siege. Tuesday night she had to wrestle a 13-year-old to the ground after she caught him on the roof of her dentistry practice.

Her concern was her central air conditioning unit, which has been stolen twice.

Ama tells us she had wrapped up her day and was in her office inside her building near the corner of 8 Mile and Greenfield when she heard a loud sound above her. When she went outside she saw three boys near her central air conditioning unit on the roof.

“I heard a loud thud. I think they were trying to lift something and hit the building,” Ama said.

When Ama called out to the boys they scattered and were able to escape – except for a 13-year-old with whom Ama wrestled with for 25 minutes.

“He struggled with me and I wouldn’t let him go,” she said.

A neighboring business owner and her boyfriend eventually came to Ama’s aid. When police arrived the 13-year-old denied he was trying to steal anything, but he also admitted this was the second time in three weeks he had tried to get on the roof.

In fact there is surveillance video of the first incident. On the tape you can see the 13-year-old with two accomplices attempting to climb the side of the building.

Police on the scene Tuesday night said the boy would be returned to his family, but not without a strong warning. If he returns again he could face serious charges.

I know I would NOT stay in this environment.

Life is too short.

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