Thursday, September 15, 2011

Promotion of Former Director of Dayton VA Medical Center Guy Richardson Criticized

Guy Richardson, former director of the Dayton VA Medical Center

You remember the flap.

Why they are promoting Guy Richardson is anyone's guess.
I am extremely disappointed to hear that the VA has given Guy Richardson a second promotion after what occurred at the Dayton facility under his leadership,” Turner said in a prepared statement Wednesday. “ ... It seems that the VA believes evading lingering questions — and promoting staff who may have been responsible for failing to supervise their facilities — is a responsible answer to a community still outraged that this has even occurred.”

The VA did not immediately respond to a question Wednesday about whether Richardson’s new job was a promotion, though his new salary suggests it’s a lateral move. It also wasn’t clear what Richardson’s new job duties would be.

Richardson, who became director of the Dayton VA in 2005, is a native of Baltimore.
The Peter Principle in the Federal Government - Shocker.

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