Monday, September 12, 2011

U.K. Dentist Extracts Wrong Tooth And Then Sews It Back In?

Kim Green and dentist Justin George

I guess so, according to the news story. Kind of a cover up for his negligence in the first place, no?
A dentist who pulled the wrong tooth from a  patient had it retrieved from a medical waste bin and replanted it two hours later.

Kim Green, who was in agony from a root canal infection, did not know that her healthy tooth had lain among bloodied tissues, saliva wipes and needles used on other patients.

Dentist Justin George sewed it back in, left her rotten one in place and suggested she take painkillers until another appointment was arranged. But that night Mrs Green, 44, could stand the pain no longer and was eventually admitted to hospital for an emergency operation.

A horrified surgeon removed both teeth and immediately reported Dr George to the local health authority and General Dental Council (GDC). He has now been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.
Say good bye to your dental license, sir.

This is a pretty sad state of affairs and there is really NO excuse.

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