Thursday, November 03, 2011

It Is Running at Night Season: 7 Tips for Safety

From Brooks Running

Now that Daylight Savings time is ending it is time to re-learn how to "SAFELY" run at night.

Light Up the Dark Streets
“I’m always amazed at the amount of runners I pass in my car that aren’t wearing anything to enhance their visibility,” said Atlanta-based running coach, Carl Leivers. “The reflective material on most running clothes just isn’t enough. Wear something designed for the job.”

Headlamps are terrific as they are hands free can come with lights on the front and back of the headband. Other options are knuckle lights, wearing a headlamp around the waist or simply carrying a flashlight.
Run Facing Traffic

Choose The Right Route
“Always chose a route that’s traveled by cars [and run the route] during the day to familiarize yourself with the road surface,” explained Hollie Kenney, an Austin-based triathlon coach. “Look for breaks or steps in the street you could potentially trip on, low tree limbs you could easily run into or glass in the road, etc. Avoid roads without a shoulder, always keep your eyes on oncoming cars, and [run on the sidewalk] if there is one.”

The sidewalk may be harder on your joints, but in the dark it is a far safer option for staying out of a driver’s way.
Carry A Cell Phone

Carry Your ID

Wear a Hat
During the day a hat protects you from the sun, but at night it can be just as helpful from the blinding headlights of cars.

“Tilt your head down when a cars headlights are blinding you,” explained Steven Tally, coach at the San Diego Tri Club.
Ditch Your Tunes
Wearing headphone to listen to music is a nice distraction from the monotony running, yet it also is a distraction from the things going on around you. At night our ability to see what is going on around us decreases, so it is important to have a heightened sense of hearing.
These are all good tips - happy running - day and night!

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