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Run for Her 5 K Race Report: November 13, 2011

Run for Her 5K

The Run for Her Running Gang line up for the pre-race photo

My wife, Alice, recommended this 5 K race and all of our running friends, plus some folks from my wife's work at MWD decided to run or walk this race. Run For Her is a charitable race for ovarian cancer research and awareness.

So, Alice and I woke up at an early Sunday hour, drove to West Los Angeles and met at Tara's house. Nancy also met us there. Both Tara and Nancy are LA Roadrunners (training for the Los Angeles Marathon) with Alice and I. We have run many races together.

When we arrived at the race site (around Pan Pacific Park and The Grove) we found the parking easy and race logistics a delight. Believe me we have been to races that were either too crowded or so poorly organized that they were a challenge. Even the porta-potties were modern, clean and plentiful.

There was an expo area in the park that served for pre and post-race festivities. I, especially liked the bagels and banana booth! Alice liked the frozen yogurt.

I was contemplating walking this race, but I met a friend, Bob, a tri-athlete, his wife, Tina and his biking partner, Mary Elizabeth before the race. I asked him if he was going to run the race and he said yes. So, I thought, well, why not.

Run for Her 5K

Bob, Mary Elizabeth and me

We lined up at the appropriate time, warmed up......

And, off we went. Nancy joined me in the 5K run with Alice and the rest of the gang walking.

 A 5K race is not every long, so I decided to run a little faster and.... I did not do too badly. Let's just say I am improving.

run for her results

Here is a photo of Alice and the gang finishing......

Run for Her 5K

More of my photos of the race are here.

Today, will be a running rest day and I will walk only. If I don't rest, then I just might have to acquire some arch supports for plantar fasciitis.  A long run on Saturday and a 5K on Sunday is plenty.

I give a thumbs up for Run for Her and will definitely be back next year!

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