Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update With Video: Dentist Who Used Paper Clips in Root Canals Receives a Year in Jail

This is just in: the paper clip during root canal treatment using dentist has been sentenced to a year in jail.

A mother is blasting the one-year jail sentence given to a former Massachusetts dentist who used paper clips instead of stainless steel posts in her son's root canal.

Brenda Almeida says she is very upset about the sentence imposed Monday on Dr. Michael Clair, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to a list of charges, including assault and battery and Medicaid fraud.

Almeida says her teenage son's tooth turned black and had to be removed after Clair performed the root canal.

Judge Richard Moses said he considered Clair's acceptance of responsibility and "certain mental health issues" Clair is dealing with in imposing the one-year sentence.

Prosecutors sought a sentence of five to seven years.

The 53-year-old Clair, who had a dental practice in Fall River, now lives in Crofton, Md.

We certainly hope this dentist receives the mental health treatment that he desperately needs while in jail.

Obviously, he will never practice dentistry again.


Here is former dentist Michael Clair being sentenced:

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