Tuesday, February 14, 2012

California Legislature Pushes Dentistry For All Socialism

The Democrats have controlled the California Legislature for decades now and with a Democratic Governor in Jerry Brown, have control of state government. While the Dems in the legislature would love health care, including dentistry for all, there remains a problem - Who will pay for it, in a bankrupt state?

This is a good piece
about what the Dems are doing to force the taxpayers of California to pay even more in taxes for a dental socialism scheme.

Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed shifting hundreds of thousands of residents eligible for both Medi-Cal and Medicare into managed care plans, and claims that the moves will save the state close to $700 million. Brown has proposed authorizing the Department of Health Care Services to submit a demonstration project proposal to the federal government this spring, which would shift thousands of people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal, into managed or coordinated care plans in at least four counties, eventually expanding to 10 more counties.

Steinberg has his own answer to Brown’s plan: “I am seeking timely resolution to improving these vital dental services to enable patients to obtain the prevention and treatment services they deserve,” he wrote in the letter.  “Furthermore, the significant issues identified here raise the overarching concern of whether or not the state is prepared and equipped to proceed with any Medi-Cal managed care program expansions this year as proposed in the Governor’s January budget.”

Where many voters disagree is with the use of the word “deserve.” While government is expected to provide basic services which individuals cannot provide for themselves — roads, water, utilities — expanding government into the health care for all is a growing bone of contention.

There has been NO adult dentistry medicaid (DentiCal) for the past two years in California. There is NO funding with the state's chronic structural budget deficits.

How does anyone think the California Legislature will be able to expand services for dentistry for children as mandated in ObamaCare? The state of California cannot afford the programs it has in place now.

Dental socialism in California?

Dentistry for all?

Not anytime soon...

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