Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pennsylvania Dental Patient Sentenced to Prison for Stealing a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Two wisdom teeth

Actually, the dental patient gave a false name and failed to pay for the dental services, including the extraction of his wisdom tooth.

The toothache may have hurt, but how can it compare to hearing you will spend a year in a state penitentiary?

Jay Meyerhoff, age 30, of Milford was sentenced Jan. 26 in Pike County Court to a State Correctional facility for one to three years. He was eventually charged with Theft of Services after he had a wisdom tooth pulled, and left the dental office without paying.

The incident stems from April 28, 2011, when Meyerhoff arrived at Horizon Dental Care, Palmyra Township, Pike County and said he needed a tooth extracted.

He filled out all the necessary paperwork indicating that his name was “James R. Irving.” Prior to going back to the examination room he said that he was going to pay by check.

After having the tooth extracted, he exited the examination room and advised the receptionist that he forgot his check book in his vehicle. He then walked out of the office and never returned to pay his bill of $322.00.

Now, you know why most dentists and oral surgeons request that you pay for extractions and other emergency dental services, prior to receiving treatment.

Ironically, the patient could have presented to the same dental office a few weeks earlier, when they were offering "free" dental services at the office's annual Dentistry From the Heart program.

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