Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Flap at continued

[QUOTE=fullosseousflap]Here are some photos of a typical Cerec case. I see them clinically like this all of the time and have replaced many. This is a typical example and is not meant to be criticism of the operator only as an illustration/model as to what I see on a routine basis!

Note the wide cement line (open?) margin.

Also, the lack of porcelain lustre and anatomic form.

This restoration's life will not be nearly as long as a more conventional laboratory fabricated restoration.

For a CAD-CAM machine which costs over $100,000 we in the profession have to demand better.

This case would have been better handled with either a Procera, Empress or Captek Crown or even more conventionally with a Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown.

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Ok, take a look at these photos.... these were the original ones from Dental Town's Thom Caspar or isz it Casper.... whatever.... and illustrates one of his early cases.

A case that can be heavily criticized by the way. This is why he and Sameer wanted it removed from DentalCom.

Also, I have these photos archived.

But, perhaps Sameer was mad because someone (not me) posted this at DentalCom:

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Or this one also posted by a fellow named Cobber:

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