Sunday, January 16, 2005

Flap @ Continued Part Two

[QUOTE=Sue]So these people who are complaining did not want
these photos published outside of Dentaltown. Why?


Because the Cerec using dentists do not accept valid criticism well and wish to make anything but Cerec an issue. It is called a diversion tactic!

Most of these dentists have over $100 K investments in the technology and justify its use on a number of rationales that may or may not withstand public criticism.

Also, who knows if they own stock in Patterson or are being paid by Patterson to hype the sale of the technology?

I do know the Dean of USC School of Dentistry, Harold Slavkin, is a paid Director of Patterson's Board of directors. USCSD is also building a new Patterson technology center at the school to house their new Cerec 3D machines. Sameer and Randy Phillips have taught or continue to teach at USCSD.

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