Friday, February 11, 2005

Los Angeles Mayor's Race

As some of you know I am going to walk the Los Angeles Marathon on March 6th.

What is even more interesting though is the Los Angeles Mayor's Electoral Race:

The LA Weekly makes it's run at the Mayoral contenders running in-depth stories on each of the big five. These are a lot more fun than the crap profiles the Villaraigosa Times has been giving us.

HAHN SOLO: Jimmy doesn’t like to be called dull. It makes him angry. BY ROBERT GREENE

THE SECOND COMING: Hyper Villaraigosa takes another shot. BY JEFFREY ANDERSON

HUGGY HERTZBERG: The Valley guy who wants to touch every voter in L.A. BY MARC COOPER

THE DEFIBRILLATOR: Richard Alarc√≥n’s jolting campaign about saving the middle class. BY ROBERT GREENE

THIS TIME IT’S NOT PERSONAL — OR IS IT? Bernard Parks says he’s not out to rain on Hahn’s parade. BY ERIN AUBRY KAPLAN

Sooooo who will it be?

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