Wednesday, March 16, 2005 To Close Or Shut Down?

From Justin Shafer, Administrator of

I am thinking of taking Dentalcom down. I havent yet, because I like the arcade and I like you guys being able to post here. If we dont get more posts, then I may convert this site into maybe an arcade only site, or I may just leave it the way it is.

It would be hard for me to take this board down, but I just might. I removed the news feeds because I feel like its keeping people from posting. If you guys have any ideas let me know. One thing I do not want to do is to remove all of the posts. I am curious as to how we can get people to post instead of lurking. I think If I was going to take this site down, I would have already done it by now.


Visits is the main category of interest...

Me thinks the site could have rivaled Dental Town with time...but Justin is not a dentist and frankly did not support the site with his incessant Kiss- Ass posts over at Dental Town.

Anyone game for another site?

Update #1

Now Justin Shafer says he is not taking the site down. Damn, make up your mind?

But, from looking at your traffic WHO CARES?!

Update #2

From Justin Shafer on
"the more I think about it the more I want to keep it up. I have been wondering about this for the past month or so and I dont think I can actually take it down. Its like creating a robot, and then having to destroy him. I just cant do it. The cost/profit of the site doesnt really mean a lot to me.
Its just odd. The number of posts are going down, but we still have a lot of people lurking. I cannot decide if I should make people register or not.
My girlfriend would get mad at me anyways, she loves to compete in pacman.

How have you guys been doing?

Maybe I could create a domain called, and then link it to

I think I will do that, but how do I tell people about If I told anyone on DT they would accuse me of promoting dentalcom. The counterstrike idea of DT would work better if they included counterstrike source."


Update #3

Justin, you are not a dentist but a 20 something uneducated moron who never graduated from college, what makes you think you can run a successful dentist oriented/sponsored bulletin board?

BTW your games/arcade suck anyway and Dental Town's Counter-Strike Server's pings are as high and as erratic as the clouds.

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