Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Unlimited movie downloads for 14 days

Like movies? Like the napster all-you-can-eat subscription model? This is not a "hack".

STARZ! Ticket on Real Movies

RealNetworks has teamed up with the STARZ! movie channel to bring us the best internet movie delivery service to date. STARZ! Ticket is a subscription based movie service that gives you unlimited access to all of the movies in their library. Watch them as many times as you want, watch as many as you want, for the length of your subscription. Find a movie you want to watch, click "Download Now", and in less than a minute, it will have downloaded enough of your movie for you to start watching it as it downloads.

When I saw this, I figured there was no way movies delivered this fast with so few restrictions could be very high quality. I've tried this service out for about a week and the quality blows me away! It easily beats DiVX in my book, but you can decide for yourself with the 14 day trial.

This service is not for you if you're not on a broadband connection, or if you have a problem with watching movies on your computer screen and you can't hook your computer to your TV.

The videos you get from the service are protected by Helix DRM, Real's digital rights management technology that has yet to be circumvented. But with the amount of rights they give you with their movies, that's hardly worth whining over. Check it out!

Hat Tip: Marv on Record

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