Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free Healthcare in Los Angeles County

It is free if you are an illegal alien.... that is....

Read this shameful article in the Los Angeles Daily News about how illegal aliens are draining the coffers of Los Angeles County government.

"Facing deep deficits after a federal bailout ends June 30, Los Angeles County hospitals need to take stronger measures and consider cutting back sharply on medical care for illegal immigrants, according to a new state audit that triggered an emotional debate among county supervisors Tuesday.

The supervisors disputed how critical the audit was and tensions rose when they discussed the recommendation to limit nonemergency care to illegal immigrants. The county treats five times as many undocumented immigrants as state law requires and could save $130 million a year by limiting services.

"The Board of Supervisors has required the (Department of Health Services) to treat illegal aliens," Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said. "The county taxpayer can no longer be the HMO to the world."

The county spends about $340 million a year treating undocumented immigrants at its health facilities and could save between $130 million and $138 million a year by discontinuing nonemergency services to them, the report said.

The audit found that 53 percent of the 800,000 annual users of the county's system are uninsured and receive care even though state law does not mandate it. The county health department has estimated that from 12 percent to 19 percent of its hospital discharges and clinic visits involve undocumented immigrants."

So, why bother paying for expensive medical insurance.

Everyone should just drop their insurance, flood the hospitals and make the government pick up the tab.

This has to end.

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