Friday, April 08, 2005

Cerec Sculptures or What to Do with your Obsolete Cerec Machine

Planet Cerec has Laura MacLeod's Cerec Sculptures here:

The original CEREC II Sculpture series using all original components from genuine Siemens/Sirona used CEREC II machines. This limited edition series included only 5 sculptures, 2 of which already hang in the offices of Dr. Klaus Wiedhahn and Dr. Alexandre Lobatch.

Rescued before being destroyed, the artist took the machines completely apart hand picking the best components. These were carefully cleaned and prepared for finishing work.

The pieces are then arranged to enhance their own esthetic.

Like the CEREC machines themselves, the paint finishes (Mondrian and Pollack-esque) complement the innovative nature of these dental CAD/CAM machines.

Each of these limited edition sculptures are available for $2,900 USD (+ UPS shipping, anywhere in the world). Free delivery to Chicago mid Winter meeting (24-27 February 2005) can be arranged. Please contact the artist for more details:

The artist's website:

And why not? Those old obsolete machines are now worthless and Sirona/Patterson want to sell you a new one!

Hat tip: Joel Eichen and Sue Madden @

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