Thursday, April 21, 2005

Chuck Guité allegedly sent $50,000 to Charest Liberals

Claude Boulay, former president of Group Everest–Media IDA Vision, testifies before the Gomery commission on Wednesday in Montreal.

The Globe and Mail have the latest on the Adscam Scandel:

Montreal — The controversial Ottawa bureaucrat in charge of the federal sponsorship program allegedly directed a $50,000 secret donation to Jean Charest's provincial Liberals, the Gomery inquiry was told in testimony that could not be reported until now.

The damaging accusation made during the testimony of ad executive Jean Brault had been under a publication ban but was made public during an exchange at the inquiry yesterday.

Mr. Brault's claim is noteworthy because it would demonstrate federal meddling in a provincial election.

But the story was flatly contradicted yesterday by another ad executive, Claude Boulay.

The allegation that the provincial Liberals got a covert donation from Mr. Brault in 1998 had been reported before but it is only now that the media can reveal that he allegedly was acting at the request of a federal bureaucrat.

According to the account Mr. Brault gave on April 1, the head of Groupaction Marketing Inc. got a call in 1998 from Chuck Guité, head of the sponsorship program, telling him that Mr. Charest needed money....

Read the rest here.

And Prime Minister Paul Martin will address Canada this evening.

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