Thursday, April 21, 2005

Prime Minister Paul Martin falls in Polls - Addresses Canada Tonight

Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin will address his nation at 7:45 PM (EDT) today to explain a "Cash for Favors" scandel that is threatening to bring down his government.

Reuters has the story about his latest polling numbers here:

Prime Minister Paul Martin, preparing to make an unprecedented nationwide address on an escalating scandal, woke up on Thursday to a gloomy new opinion poll, mocking headlines and sensational allegations about his ruling Liberals.

Martin will speak to Canadians at 7:45 p.m. on Thursday about a cash-for-favors scandal which has paralyzed Parliament and his minority government. Opposition parties seem poised to topple Martin and force an election on June 27.

Support for the Liberals has slumped since a public inquiry into the scandal heard that the party had demanded kickbacks in return for government contracts in French-speaking Quebec.

A Decima Poll, which was released to Canadian Press late on Wednesday, showed the Liberals at just 28 percent compared to 35 percent for the opposition Conservatives.

The results indicate that the Liberals, who have been in power since November 1993, would be replaced by a minority Conservative government if an election were held now.

Martin aides said the prime minister would not dissolve Parliament and call an election but would instead outline what he thought should be done to end the political stalemate.

Televised national addresses in Canada are rare and opposition parties said Martin -- who will speak for about six minutes in both English and French, Canada's two official languages -- was in a hopeless position.

"He's a man of hesitation and now he's a man of desperation," said Gilles Duceppe, leader of the separatist Bloc Quebecois party....

Read the rest here.

Election here we come!

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