Friday, September 28, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Watch: Rudy in Santa Barbara California Part 2


Folks waiting for the arrival of Rudy Giuliani at Joe’s Cafe on State Street in Santa Barbara, California around 3 PM September 27, 2007


Joe’s Cafe begins to fill up inside with supporters and patrons looking for a drink or the BUZZ


Our hosts at Joe’s and Flap did not get their names


Rudy’s Santa Barbara/Central Coast Campaign coordinator, Ashley and an Obama supporter who tried to ask Rudy about the Iraq War as Rudy was leaving Joe’s.


Rudy arrives by car and is mobbed for photos and autographs by the waiting crowd


Rudy greets the crowd who literally mobbed him and pushed Flap to the side


Maria Comella, Deputy Communications Director is seen on the right of this photo


The Mayor jumped over the bar for this photo with the bartender


Flap worked his way over to his booth where he met the Mayor, showed Rudy his blog/laptop and discussed the utility of KimWipes in cleaning eyeglasses. And a supporter snapped this photo with my camera.


Rudy stepped outside the cafe for a press availability and Flap has video of that which he will provision and get up probably tomorrow.

The Mayor then was off to Santa Barbara airport to fly to Lancaster/Palmdale for an evening event(s) in the Antelope Valley.

Hizzoner will visit The Original Pantry in downtown Los Angeles tomorrow morning. Flap assumes former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan will be there to officially endorse Rudy for President.

Stay tuned……..


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