Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sarkozy - Nuclear Iran Could Lead to WAR

France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy addresses the 62nd United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. headquarters in New York, September 25, 2007.

Sarkozy says letting Iran go nuclear could cause war

Allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons could destabilize the world and lead to war, French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the United Nations on Tuesday.

In his maiden speech to the U.N. General Assembly, Sarkozy said: “There will be no peace in the world if the international community falters in the face of nuclear arms proliferation.”

Iran was entitled to nuclear power for civilian purposes, he said, “but if we allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, we would incur an unacceptable risk to stability in the region and in the world”.

In a broader warning against the dangers of appeasement, the new French leader said: “Weakness and renunciation do not lead to peace. They lead to war.”

Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but the West suspects the Islamic Republic of enriching uranium to develop a nuclear weapons capability.

Underlining French support for tougher sanctions against Tehran, sought by the United States but opposed by Russia and China, Sarkozy said: “We can only resolve this crisis by combining firmness with dialogue.”

Well, DUH.

France is finally “GETTING IT.”

And where would Iran’s nuclear tipped missiles be first aimed? Why at France and the rest of Europe.

The United States has defensive missile capability and a nuclear arsenal that would create ASH out of Iran if the United States were attacked.

China and Russia have cut side deals for Iranian oil and are supplying Iran with advanced military technology.

Where does this leave Europe should Iran develop nuclear weapon technology and capability?


In the sights of nuclear blackmail and/or terrorist nuclear attack.

The French President, unlike Jacques Chirac, his predecessor, understands the Islamofascist propensity for deceit and then control. He has seen it first hand in France.

Watch for one last push for United Nations sanctions, then America-EU sanctions and then the inevitable bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Stay tuned………


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