Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Extra Mile Podcast

Last Spring after walking my fifth Los Angeles Marathon, my wife mentioned that she had found a Podcast which in part featured Jeff Galloway and his Run/Walk/Run method. Alice who had been a Run/Walker with Los Angeles Roadrunners was especially interested in what Galloway and Kevin, the podcaster, had to say about the method and running.

Kevin G who planned to run the Chicago Marathon embarked on a seperate podcast, the Extra Mile Podcast Experiment. The Experiment being Kevin using the Jeff Galloway method of training/running in Chicago.

In the summer, I decided to start running using the Galloway method. Listening to the two podcasts influenced my decision and I embarked upon my own experiment: to use the Galloway method on the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon. My training is continuing and in a little more than 45 days, I will have a race report.

In the meantime, Alice and I listen every week to the Extra Mile Podcast, usually on our ride back from our long runs in Santa Monica, California.

Thanks to Kevin G and Jeff Galloway, it has been an enjoyable running experience.

Check out the Podcast website here or subscribe with i-tunes. The Facebook page is here.

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