Friday, February 25, 2011

Video: Disneyland Half Marathon - 2011 With Jeff Galloway - Food and Drink

Jeff discusses the importance of eating and staying hydrated on long runs. He breaks down the amount of fluids to intake before, during and after long runs, and discusses the best options to keep you moving

I have less than 30 days now to the Los Angeles Marathon and my long runs have been completed.

For my nutrition needs, I am using Hammer Nutrition Gels  (Apple Cinnamon)and Perpetuem Solids (Latte). These work for me, but I also throw in a few M&M's for flavor.

For my salt balance, since I am on the road so long (I am a slow Run/Walk/Runner), I have been using Salt Sticks.

Water is managed by my Camelbak and HydraPouch since I do not want to run out of water, like I did last year when most of the water stations had closed when I reached 18 miles.

Now, all I have to do is taper and show up. Tomorrow will be a seven mile taper run - probably in the rain.

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