Thursday, February 24, 2011

Video: Sensable Dental Announces Newest Version of Intellifit Touch Enabled Digital Restoration System

Check out this latest digital system from Sensable Dental.

Sensable Dental, a division of Sensable, announced the newest version of its Intellifit™ TE (Touch-Enabled) Digital Restoration System that offers dental labs even more choice, performance and flexibility in digitally designing and fabricating a wide range of dental restorations. The first and #1 selling system for partials and more, Intellifit – formerly named the Sensable Dental Lab System – now adds support for touch-enabled articulation, veneers, enhanced design features and fabrication choices for crown and bridge, as well as increased 3D printing capacity.

Driven by the need to stay competitive and leverage a declining labor force of skilled technicians, dental labs are transitioning from painstaking hand waxing to streamlined digital design and production at a rapid pace. Sensable’s Intellifit is helping transform an industry from an era of manual hand-crafting to greater productivity, profitability, and precision. The system’s support for both fixed and removable restorations, produced faster and with heightened precision though its unique touch-enabled technology, allows dental labs of all sizes to gain a competitive advantage. Sensable is showcasing the newest version of Intellifit software starting today at three dental lab industry events in Chicago coinciding with the 145th Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

“We are using the Intellifit system to create both fixed and removable restorations, including all-ceramic monolithic crowns, bridges, and prepped veneers,” said Kristine Van Cleve, president of Dental Prosthetic Services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “We especially appreciate how the system makes pressing cost-effective by streamlining the process. We can quickly create customized digital tooth designs with full anatomy that perfectly match adjacent teeth, print, invest, and then press.”

"We've designed over 17,000 fixed and removable restorations over the past two and a half years using Intellifit, and the system's efficiency and value for us keeps on growing," said John Aitchison, owner of Minot Dental Lab in Minot ND. "Partials, crowns, bridges, overstructures, substructures and veneers – we can do them all with Intellifit. The system gives us precise and consistent results and accuracy that far exceeds hand waxing."

This system certainly beats the time consuming hand waxing of partial dentures and makes the dental laboratory process much more efficient and accurate.

I look forward to more of these technologies changing the face of dentistry into the digital age in the coming years. There are more videos of the Sensable Dental system here.

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