Monday, March 14, 2011

Television Dentist Denies Abuse of Position After Allegedly Keeping Patient Trapped for Five Hours in His Home

Dr Surinder Hundle at his Knightsbridge dental practise, a stone's throw from Harrods. He has made numerous appearances on TV and radio programmes including, Tomorrows World, GMTV, and has been the sole cosmetic dental surgeon and adviser for 10 Years Younger

Well, Dr. Hundle has agreed that his behavior was inappropriate.
A married dentist from the TV programme ‘10 Years Younger’ had sex with a patient then trapped her in a room for five hours to avoid getting caught by his ‘psycho’ practice nurse, a hearing was told today.

Surinder Hundle, 44, faces being struck off for initially seducing the woman on the couch of his exclusive dental clinic and at his marital home over a seven-year period.

The woman - a school teacher who is known only as Patient A - said the relationship began when Hundle told her during a dental consultation: ‘You’re a very sexy lady’ and ‘I wonder what it would be like to kiss that mouth’.

Hundle, a dental surgeon and former face of Oral B toothpaste, regularly features on the Channel 4 makeover show and has appeared on Tomorrow’s World and GMTV.

A fitness to practice hearing was told after meeting the patient in November 2000, they began to make regular appointments to have sex at the Lund Osler clinic, a stone’s throw from Harrods, Its website states it is ‘the ultimate in time, privacy and luxury’ and will ‘improve your quality of life for years to come’.
This fellow is going to have a hard time convincing any dental professions board that he did not create a hostile work/professional environment in his dental office. I know in California that he would be severely disciplined as this type of behavior is unethical, unprofessional conduct and borders on criminal.

The case has not concluded and I will try to follow up.

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