Thursday, May 26, 2011

Convicted Murderer Dentist Sentenced to Prison for Abusing His Dental Patients

Former Irish dentist Colin Howell

Well, he is already serving a term of 21 years for murdering his wife and ex-lover, but I guess more time in prison for this miscreant the better.
Double killer Colin Howell was yesterday sentenced to five-and-a -half years’ imprisonment for indecently assaulting five of his female dental patients while they were under sedation.

All of the women were terrified of dentists and had opted to be sedated during treatment.

But Antrim Crown Court heard that Howell fondled the women as he helped them to the recovery room at his dental practice in Ballymoney.

He also placed two of his victims’ hands on his groin as they lay unconscious in the dental chair.

The 52-year-old murderer, who is already serving a minimum of 21 years in jail for the killing of his wife and ex-lover’s husband, admitted 12 charges of indecent assault on the women over a four-year period.

Defence barrister Richard Weir told Antrim Crown Court that the indecent assaults had only come to light through Howell's admissions to police.

The once-renowned cosmetic dentist told police about the sex attacks in 2009 after he confessed to the 1991 murders of his wife Lesley and his ex-lover’s husband Trevor Buchanan. For almost two decades police believed the pair had died in a suicide pact.

Mr Weir reminded the court that Howell had apologised to his victims when he pleaded guilty to the sex attacks last week.
The dentist who has lost his license to practice, will also be listed as a sex offender. I don't think this fellow will be out of prison anytime soon.

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