Friday, May 27, 2011

The Daily Extraction: Upper Right Premolar

Dr. Tommy Murph extracts tooth number 4 with a 301 elevator and 151 forcep

Sometimes a dentist's strength as well as controlled access is important. This tooth which was causing the patient great angst (pain) for some time, had a curved root that was not readily apparent.

Here is the pre-operative radiograph (X-ray):

And, the pre-operative photo:

And, the reason why the extraction was NOT easy:

Note the wavy root

Enjoy your Daily Extraction.

Dr. Murph is a South Carolina dentist who practices general dentistry who really excels in extracting teeth. For patients in the Myrtle Beach area, I can heartily recommend Tommy as YOUR dentist.

For dentists, Dr. Murph has a number of resources for you in extracting teeth, including one on one courses in his office.

Dr. Murph's website is here and his extraction manuals are here on e-Bay.


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