Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sex Pistol's Singer Johnny Rotten Develops Speech Impediment After Oral Surgery

John Lydon of the Sex Pistols

You would think that a singer would appreciate his teeth and oral health because of their profession?
John Lydon is paying the price for of years of dental neglect. The singer, who earned the nickname "Johnny Rotten" in the 70s thanks to his decaying molars, has developed a minor speech impediment after undergoing oral surgery.

In recent months Lydon has suffered problems with gum disease and developed a double abscess, surgery on which has led to a new set of problems.

The former Sex Pistols singer told the Sheffield Star that his current health issues stem from a lack of education on the subject of dental hygiene as a child. He explained (via Contactmusic): "I'm not a vegetarian. I'm smart enough to realise I've got two sets of teeth in my mouth and I want to use both. Actually I have very few real teeth left. That's something my parents didn't pass on to me. They passed many good things on, but dental health wasn't one of them."
Rock Stars these days.....

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